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Upgrade Your POS System Today!

How long does it take to manage a sale? How long does it take to account for the sale in your inventory and balances? How often does your system crash or malfunction? Aren’t you sick of the lost time and extra effort from an old POS system?

Maybe you think it’ll work out for now. After all, if it’s not technically broken, why fix it? You’ve been working with it for this long – despite the hassle and pain, you think you’ll stick with it. Just a few more months of frustration – that is, if it doesn’t break before then.

Or, you could save yourself all this trouble. If you upgrade your POS system, you could actually end up saving money in the amount of time and work you’re wasting with your old one. The AnchorPoint system even works with your iPad – all you have to do is plug it in and install the software, and you’re ready to go, with a POS system that can manage tips, receipts, clocking in and out, inventory, and more. Or, if you want a purely software system, you could upgrade to the Process Now POS system. This system operates via apps for your tablet or computer and can handle all the operations of a regular cash register, and more.

It’s 2017. There’s no reason to stay with a clunky, ugly, POS system. Think about the time, energy, and effort you’re wasting with your old system. Do you really want to stay that way?

If you want to upgrade to a better system, contact us today!

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