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There is confusion with many about the difference about passive and active voice. Many don’t even know when they use it. The difference is in the structure. An active voice occurs when the subject is performing an action. This is an example; “Mark made the bed.” In a passive voice, an action is happening to the subject. For example, “The bed was made by Mark.” This seems subtle. However, there are reasons to avoid the passive voice.

They extend sentences and word count.

The example in the opening is a perfect example. The active voice uses four words to make the point. The second example, though technically correct, involves six words. The more words used, the more likely the subject gets lost. Why is this a problem? The farther apart the keywords are, the more likely they get lost when descriptions show up. Space is limited in search descriptions. Using active voice keeps things shorter, and to the point.

It makes the subject the object of an action.

This seems like just a grammar issue. However, using passive voice leads to hard to read sentences. While everyone has these at times, they are best avoided. Like in point one, shorter sentences are easier to understand. They lead the clients to what they are looking for faster. That is the point. The harder it is to understand the sentences, the more likely someone is going elsewhere.

It leads people to the right information.

This is partially the result of points one and two. People scan more than anything today. They look for keywords, which if close together, are found quick and easy. Shorter sentences with less confusion make for easy reading and comprehension. The active voice provides this. It also leads people to information they are seeking.

Overall, it is proper grammar to use the active voice. However, it provides benefits to improving your chances of being found by clients. For more information, contact us today.

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