3 Website Fails That Need Fixing ASAP

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We are living in the era of smartphones, tablets, and Kindles. What’s this mean for your business? People use their devices for just about everything and having a mobile-friendly site should be a priority. If your website falls under these three fails, we can help you out.

One of the Biggest Fails: Load Time

Congrats! Your website popped up in the Google search and ranked great. Someone found your business page and that means a potential new customer. One problem though, once your web page is clicked, it takes more than five seconds to load.

Five seconds seems like a short amount of time…but the delay causes an immediate distrust with the potential customer. More than likely, they will hit that back button and scroll for another site.

Perhaps your site was tested for desktop view and loaded efficiently. If that isn’t the case for mobile, then you made it to the website fail list.

Doesn’t Fit the Screen

You made it past the Google bots and ranked high, your website even loaded at top speed, but now the consumer is squinting to read. If your website isn’t adjusting to the screen, you guessed it…you made it to the website fail list.

Contact Us

Maybe you passed the first three trials. You made it in Google search, your site loaded fast, and it even looks great on screen. Now the consumer wants a way to quickly contact you for services. They scroll to the bottom of the page and can’t find a contact us link. They scroll to the top…there’s no tab there either.

By that time, you’ve lost their interest and they’ve hit that dreaded back button. Don’t let this overlooked feature be a website fail for you.

If your site falls under any of these categories, you’re not alone. The good news, we can help. As a premier business since 1998, we’ve got the know-how, the right people, and the expertise to help your site meet all the demands. So take a deep breath and relax, contact us for your needs today. We’ve got your back.

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