5 SEO Myths That You Should Ignore

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the uphill battle every webmaster fights when they are trying to increase the visibility and traffic to a given website. The reason this fight is such a difficult one is because search engines, like Google, do not want companies or individuals to be able to manipulate their search algorithms for monetary gain.

However, as every business owner will tell you, search engine traffic and traffic to the business website is one of the biggest drivers of prospects, clients, and sales.

In this article, we will go over 5 of the biggest seo myths around today and why you should ignore these myths. Search engine optimization myths, or seo myths, get created in a variety of ways, but not all of them are correct.

Myth 1: Links Do Not Matter

A lot of people forget that the source of most of the information we get about search engine optimization comes directly from the search engines in the form of best practices, tips, & advice.

Most people do not stop to think that most search engines truly do not want people knowing their algorithm and how to exploit it because then their search engine becomes less effective.

Not needing links is a huge seo myth that needs debunked right now. I will acknowledge that some links are better than others, that quality over quantity is a great rule of thumb; but, links are still an essential part of how search engines understand what your content is, how valuable your content is, and how to rank it.

Myth 2: Social Signals are Useless

Social media is an excellent internet marketing tool for businesses that is utilized to reach a large number of their target moment. However, most SEO companies shy away from Social Media thinking that it is not as important as some of the other seo factors. This seo myth was busted wide open when several case studies were released cited increased number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Google +1’s highly affected a website’s ranking for several key phrases.

Another reason why this is a myth is because of the recent deal that Twitter and Google have come to (again). The two media giants agreed to a content sharing program; Google will now begin to index tweets and show them as search results to offline users. The number of Twitter search results of tweets that are related to the search query will increase by 10 times.

Myth 3: Blindly Blogging Frequently will Help Your SEO

Blogging is an excellent way to increase the relevance of a website. However, when done “blindly,” blogging has little to no value for a website and its seo rank.

While we agree that any blogging or article writing should be geared for readers and not solely search engines, there are always things that writers can do to enhance their writing to make it more search engine friendly.

This myth can be overcome by following a few simple steps to enhance one’s content and writing to ensure that it gets indexed by all the major search engines.

  1. Title the Post with the Keyword Phrase
  2. Use the Keyword Phrase in the URL of the page/post
  3. Title, Link, & Add Alt Text with Keywords on All Images
  4. Use the Keyword Phrase between 2-5% of the Time in the Post
  5. Submit the New URL to Google & Bing Webmaster Immediately after Publishing
  6. Use Keyword Phrase in the Headings of Your Post

Myth 4: SEO Services Cost $800-$1000 per Month

The number of times I have heard “I cant afford SEO, I do not have $1000 a month to spend on it,” is unconscionable. Now, it is true that for gigantic companies, companies operating Nationally or International, & Companies with high profit margins in competitive industries do have to spend a large amount of money to beat our their competition; however, for the majority of businesses, a solid seo campaign can be put in place for $300-$600 per month. There are even lesser plans available that cost less than that.

This myth stems from smaller companies only researching larger seo firms that are used to catering to Fortune 500 companies. If you put in the time and do the research, affordable seo programs should be in your local area.

Myth 5: You Cannot do Any SEO Activities Yourself

This myth is a big one. With a little education and some perseverance, anyone can do basic on-site seo for their website. Most seo companies that contract out for a designated number of hours per month spend their first hours of the contract doing things that anyone who watched some YouTube videos could do.

Now there is something to be said about having someone who is familiar and an expert at something do it for you, but it is not impossible for the average person to learn and execute some standard on-site seo activities.

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