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Premier has been serving the independent business owner for over 22 years. We offer dedicated account managers to support each client.

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A Little About Premier

With over twenty years of experience in payment processing and digital marketing solutions, Premier is dedicated to the independent business owner. We provide the best solutions for your business and implement them into your current processes while providing excellent customer support. We offer the latest advances in payments technology and cost-effective digital marketing solutions. To ensure your success, we offer free consultations and a dedicated account representative.

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Meet The Team

  • Joe Oglesby
    Joe Oglesby President
  • Carm Scherr
    Carm Scherr Operations
  • Ashley Leistler
    Ashley Leistler Digital Marketing Director
  • Alex Moghtader
    Alex Moghtader Core Local®
  • Paige Milenkoff
    Paige Milenkoff Website
  • Addison Oglesby
    Addison Oglesby Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Kristen Goetter
    Kristen Goetter Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Debbie Stein
    Debbie Stein Office Assistant

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Our Business Solutions

At Premier, we provide easy-to-use solutions to meet payment processing and digital marketing needs. By doing so, we provide a business advantage to independent business owners to operate and compete in today’s ever-changing world.

Website Design

94% of first impressions relate to your business website design. Redesign or update your website to reflect your business.

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Local SEO

Compete in local search. Get found everywhere consumers are searching. Our service lets you control your company listings across 60+ local listing partners, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Apple Maps, and Bing.

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Cash Discounting

Recoup much of the cost associated with accepting credit cards while offering a reward to cash paying customers. Save up to 80% of your credit card processing fees.

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B2B Payment Processing

We’ve turned payment processing into a stress-relieving activity in B2B offices. Using a platform optimized for interchange lowers your credit card processing costs and saves time.

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Point-Of-Sale Solutions

Premier offers custom solutions to fit your needs. We can help you build the system you need to run your business, and add devices, apps and accessories as you grow.

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Online Payments

From payment buttons and shopping carts to ACH and recurring payments, Premier has an online processing solution for you.

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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards are an easy, cost-effective way to help increase your business and reward your best customers. We can help you set up a gift and/or loyalty card program that fits your business and your budget.

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Frequently asked questions


What makes your company different than other credit card processing or digital marketing companies?

At Premier, our focus is on the independent business owner. We’ve been doing business with SMBs for years, and we understand you. The small business owner wants practical, affordable and easy solutions. You want customer support when things go wrong. You want convenience. We provide top-level support to our merchants and offer a variety of easy solutions from POS systems, cash discounting to websites and SEO.

How do I set up a credit card processing account for a new business?

There are many options for new businesses. It’s important to work with a knowledgeable person to make sure you’re getting started with the right type of account for your business, and with the right equipment. Give us a call 636.207.9000 to get started.

How do I know if I'm getting a good credit card processing rate?

Processing rates are based on many different things, including type of business, type of cards swiped, whether the card is present or not present, merchant volume, various fees, and much more. Premier offers a complimentary rate review to determine if you qualify for better rates or reduced fees.

Where should I start if I want my business to get found online?

We recommend a website built with basic SEO principles in mind, submission to Google and Bing webmasters, accurate, up-to-date local listings, and plenty of customer reviews. This is the most basic recipe for success when building your online presence. To further increase search results, we encourage things like regular social media posting, blogs written for search results, and targeted ads.

What is Core Local®?

Core Local® helps you manage your local listings so you can perform better in local search results and your customers will find the information they need. Core Local® puts you in control of the facts about your business across an average of 70+ digital services, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp.

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