The Importance of an Accurate Google Maps Listing Can Not be Underestimated

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You’re a business owner, you’re busy. You get phone calls every day from robodialers telling you your Google Maps listing is “set to expire” or is incomplete. The companies calling you, have no idea what they’re talking about and they’re trying to get unsuspecting business owners to fork over a lot of cash for comparatively little.  After all, they called to tell you your business listing was set to be deleted from Google, and after paying the company you can still Google your business and the maps listing shows up. The truth is, once you’re verified, your account is most likely not going to be deleted from the Maps listings unless something astronomical happens.  The real value is in making sure your Google listing is accurate.

An accurate Google listing is more than just verifying your business on Google. It’s making sure that all of the information online about your business is exactly the same across the board. The majority local businesses neglect the basic NAP (name, address, phone) optimization that is vital to showing up high in the Map Pack when people search out your services. There are many directories online that Google uses to cross reference your information. Some have more weight than others. When you hire an SEO company for your local business, one of the first things they should tackle is making sure your directory listings, Facebook information, Google Maps listing and even your Yelp and Bing listings are accurate and uniform.

You probably worked hard for your business to get where it is, but sometimes when you’re making your own listings you can shorten things. Maybe your business is on First National Industrial Drive, and half of your listings say First National Ind Dr. If the only difference between you and your biggest competitor is that they have a complete Google maps listing, and yours is incomplete, can you afford to let them destroy you in the search rankings? Contact us today and let us help you take care of your local business SEO.

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