Accurate Online Business Listings Are a Must

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Ensuring your business is listed accurately on the internet is vital to ensuring that you are maximizing your profitability. Consider the following statistics about businesses today:

  • 50% of small businesses have errors in their online listings
  • 88% of consumers have previously incorporated an online review into a purchasing decision
  • 18% of local searches lead to at least one sale in less than 1 business day
  • 60% of your customers search for your business online at least 6 times per year

Having said that, it’s clear to see why it’s vital to have your business information listed online. It’s also vital to make sure that the information is accurate so customers can find your business and purchase your goods and services.

Premier Business Advantage understands the importance of accurate online business listings. We provide tools that help you access your Google My Business account, along with many other listing sites, to allow you to update your business’s information as it changes from one easy to use dashboard.

Our service allows you to do many important things that keep your business’s information recent and current, including the following:

  • Update customers about new happenings like sudden business closings due to weather
  • Control data search engines receive and use pertaining to your location to ensure accuracy
  • Save time and streamline your data management system
  • Allows you to update and showcase photos and videos of your business to attract more customer attention
  • Allows you to update and post content to social media immediately
  • Provides access to customer reviews that are sent by email

All of these different capabilities allow you to stay on top of your business’s online information to ensure that you are providing only accurate and vital information to your customers. Providing this information allows you to ensure that you are gaining many sales as possible through your online presence

For more information on how to keep accurate online business listings and attract many customers as possible, please feel free to contact us.

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