Why Accurate Online Listings Are Crucial For SEO

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You know that in order to appear in the right local search results online, you need an online listing. You’ve probably taken the time to claim your Google My Business account and maybe even build up a few reviews. Changing that information any time your business information changes and checking regularly to ensure the information is accurate, however, is equally critical for your business.

Google Prioritizes Accuracy

Google provides its customers with a wide range of information, especially about local businesses. One search will let searchers see when the business is open, its address, its phone number, and even a look at the storefront, depending on what information the business owner has chosen to upload. For that reason, many people turn to Google first when they need information about anything, including local businesses.

If that information stops being accurate, on the other hand, searchers won’t turn to Google anymore. It’s all about trust–and for that reason, if Google isn’t sure your information is accurate, your information will not be displayed.

Customers Appreciate Accuracy

If a new customer is looking for your business, there are key pieces of information they want to know right then. This might include how to contact you, your store address, or the hours your store is open. Suppose a new customer plugs the address from your online listing into their GPS, only to arrive at their destination and discover that your store closed and moved weeks ago. Are they going to jump into the car and head for the new address, or are they going to go straight back to Google and look for your geographically closest competitor? While some people will go ahead and look for your new location, many customers will choose to go the easy route, instead.

Your Keywords May Change

Over the years, the scope of your business may change–and that means the keywords you need to focus on change along with it. Make sure you take a look at your local business listings on a regular basis to ensure that you’ve kept up with the latest keywords. You may even want to change your keywords based on the season, depending on your holiday offerings. As an added bonus, changing keywords and updating your listing lets Google know that their information is current, which may improve your search ranking.

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