Advanced Technological Security for Credit Cards

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EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chip cards have become ubiquitous in the modern marketplace. These highly advanced microchips embedded in credit cards contain encrypted information. This creates a secure-one time digital signature when used by the card owner. Unscrupulous hackers can use readily available technology to steal information from the magnetic stripe on a credit card. When that kind of fraud occurs in a small business, it can cause significant damage. Not only that but also a tangible financial loss. The reputation of your business is at stake when the security of your credit card processing has been compromised. If you lose the trust of your customers, you lose your customers. The EMV chip circumvents this fraudulent hacker technology, providing an easy and more secure payment option. This ensures that you are providing the best payment options for your customers.

Keeping Up With the Times

Most major banks and credit cards in the US rolled the EMV chip out in 2015. Businesses in Europe, Canada, and Mexico had microchip technology in their credit cards for many years before U.S. banks adopted the technology. In fact, the magnetic stripe is sorely outdated technology created in the 60s. This was around the same time that cassette tapes were invented! An upgrade to EMV chip processing is simply bringing about business security. Not only that, it brings the U.S. up to speed. Due to the ease with which the chip cards can be used to replace magnetic stripes, eventually, the magnetic stripes are expected to be phased out of use completely.

No Changes to the Charge Process

Before you worry about the additional time and effort of using a new advanced technology, rest assured that running a chip card on an EMV processor is just as fast as swiping a magnetic stripe. In addition, for those few customers whose banks have not yet upgraded their debit cards, customers will still have the option to swipe on the same terminal. There is no inconvenience, and the reduced liability for merchants who accept credit cards is worth the investment. Contact us today to find out how to upgrade your credit card processor to the most secure technology available!

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