3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Android & Apple Pay

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Android & Apple Pay Are Taking The World By Storm

Smart phones have become a staple in most consumer’s lives.  Whether it is looking for coupons, comparing prices, ordering, or paying for items, consumers are using their phones for almost every step of the purchasing process.  For merchants, this means that integrating smart phone technology in their business is essential for not only maintaining customers, but retaining current ones.  One way to incorporate smart phone technology in your business is by accepting Android and Apple Pay.  Below are three reasons why your business needs Android & Apple Pay.

Provides Better Security

When your customer use Apple or Android pay to complete their purchase, their payment is going through a two-fold security system.  First the payment information is secured by the privacy and security settings of your phone, whether it is password, or fingerprint security.  This helps secure the customers payment even if the phone is stolen.

The second level of security is the encrypted payment information.  When payment is presented, it is not the customer’s credit card number that is entered into the system, but it an encrypted security code that the phone exchanges with the reader.

Helps You Keep Up With Competitors

With an increasingly technologically advanced world, customer convenience is becoming as important as price and product quality.  More and more consumers are relying on smart phones for all aspects of their purchasing experience.  By offering Apple and Android pay you will be able to provide your customer with a quick and convenient option.

It is Easy for Both Consumers and Merchants

Android and Apple Pay can be as simple as tapping your phone.  Consumers will need to download the app and enter their payment information into it.  When they make a purchase at a store that accepts Android or Apple Pay, they will simply need to log into the app and the merchant will then scan the code or tap on the payment pad.  The transfer is then complete.

Want to keep up with the competition while providing a convenient payment option for your customers? Contact us today to find out how Android and Apple Pay can help your business.

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