How a Blog Can Make Your Online Presence Successful

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Many businesses think if they just put up a website they will be successful in attracting new business. However, your website will get lost out there in cyberspace without fresh, new content. A website without a blog gets stale quickly. Search engines look for new and relevant content. You are most likely not updating your website every day, so a blog can be the easiest way to stay relevant to these ever so important search engines. The more fresh content your website contains, the better your chances are of ranking high in search results.


With a blog, you will be generating that fresh content that is needed to get higher search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO). It is natural for businesses to want to write content about their business, and why a consumer needs their goods/services. However, this approach often times comes across as  many businesses can benefit from writing about community events to show that your business cares about the community you are within. This can create goodwill with clients and prospective clients.


Keywords are another thing that needs to be of importance in writing the blog. Good keywords that are used, but not overused will highlight what is being talked about on the blog, and clarify for SEO to rank higher when the subject is searched.

Frequency of Posting

How often should you blog? Many experts disagree. Once a day may be considered too much, but once a month is often considered too little. For some blogs, three times a week is optimal. But, most agree that once a week will keep the reader’s interest as well as give you the best search engine optimization.


Some blogs employ an “add-on” of allowing people to subscribe.  This is entirely optional and can be dictated according to the type of blog. Having subscribers who get notices by email, or in a reader can increase the number of views on the blog, and therefore direct more often to the business website.

There is a lot to know about successful blogging. Most business owners are not in the writing or blogging business. Nor should they be involved in it.  You are involved in the day to day successful operation of your business. Leave the blogging to our professional blogging company. We employ professional writers in order to get the most from your blog. Contact us to get started now on the results you will love by “leaving the blogging to us.”

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