Check all that apply. Definitions below.
Check all that apply
Ongoing post topics are subjects that you'd like covered in posts on a recurring basis.
Fill in as many one-time post topics you can think of.


  • Topical: A recent Wall Street Journal story detailed three position aspects of this industry. Here’s how those three relate to our specific niche.
  • Promotional: Here are three reasons why this company is unique in this industry, and how those three reasons can help you do better in this niche.
  • Light-Hearted: If Elvis Presley were alive today, he might change his song from Blue Suede Shoes to Green Recycled Sandals.
  • Corporate: A recent study released by Forrester Research indicates a 37 percent jump in application of environmentally sensitive applications within this niche.
  • Bullet Points:
    • Jack and Jill
    • Went Up Hill
    • Fetched Water
  • Narrative: Two children from nearby, Jack and Jill, climbed up a small hill in the neighborhood with the goal of returning with a pail of water.
  • Newsy: The recent headlines from our niche serve as a stark reminder of the importance of using safe methods for achieving success in this industry.
  • Evergreen: These three methods of improving safety for our niche have been well tested. If you want to achieve success in the industry, you’ll want to keep these handy…
  • B2B/Niche: According to the trade journal Widgets Daily, the three advantages of this technology are…
  • General Audience: A recent story in the New York Time highlights the way that this technology can be so strong.

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