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Social media permeates our everyday life. Along with its ability to connect us with friends and family, it has become a powerful and effective way to grow your business, with the capability of garnering a vast loyal audience and increasing traffic to your business website. The benefits of social media marketing are limitless, and include:

  • Increased brand recognition. Through daily social media posting in several outlets, your visibility is increased. An otherwise lukewarm consumer can be engaged after seeing posts and identifying with your brand.
  • Increased brand loyalty. Consumers who follow brands on social media are more loyal. Social media loyalty may decrease slightly with the increased age of consumers, but among young adults, 66% of those who follow a company on social media report loyalty to that brand.
  • More opportunities for, and higher conversion rates. With every post, your social media presence extends, providing more opportunities to convert a consumer. Your interaction with consumers through social media adds a personal element and the opportunity for your consumers to relate to you as a human. This connection on a personal level is what helps build trust and credibility in your brand, which can translate to higher rates of conversion.
  • More traffic to your website. If you’re not using social media, your traffic is limited to those who are already familiar with your brand or who find you through your SEO keywords. Each social media platform you use is another opportunity to assert your presence and increase incoming traffic.
  • More memorable to consumers. Your prompt and continued presence on social media keeps you fresh in the minds of consumers. Your customer service can shine as consumers compliment you publicly and when you respond to a less favorable comment on social media by mitigating the situation.

Developing your social media presence has the ability to reap tremendous gains. But knowing what to say, how to say it, and the best time to say can be overwhelming. You may also question what social media outlets are most effective for your business. Contact us today to see how daily social media posting can improve your business presence and increase your market.

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