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Reasons Your Business Blog Isn’t Getting Traffic

The number one complaint about business blogs is not getting enough traffic. Ideally, a blog will make your website sticky, both encouraging visitors to go deeper and inspiring return visits. However, at the very least, the organic traffic from blogging should have a cost to value ratio equal to paid advertising. Regardless, the Content Marketing Institute reports statistics that roughly 70% of content brings no value. How does this happen?

Often, businesses quickly become frustrated with blogging. They are initially excited at the idea that a blog can generate continuous organic traffic. However, when that traffic does not quickly materialize, they abandon the effort. This is unfortunate because a successful blog is invaluable to a business. A blog can attract new visitors, build trust with leads, and nurture existing customer relationships.

In order to have a successful business blog, there are several things you must first understand. First, just having a blog will not produce traffic. Second, you need targeted traffic more than any traffic. Data shows over 1.6 million blog posts are generated every day. The internet has no use for more low-value content. It has plenty. Improve the quality of your blog, and the traffic will come.

Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Traffic

  1. Weak Topic & Writing – A blog filled with generic topics and poorly written articles lack appeal. A successful blog will feed a demand, and provide quality information written for a target audience.
  2. Impatience – Depending on the individual conditions, it can take up to 18 months to start receiving consistent and reliable traffic from blogging. Many business blogs fail because some people expect an immediate return on investment.
  3. Poor Distribution – Very often, it is not enough to rely on search engines for organic traffic. Use social media to build an audience, and share your blogs with your followers. Moreover, social engagement will expand your reach.
  4. You Are Not Consistent – A successful business blog will maintain a consistent publishing schedule. A blog that has not been updated in months looks unprofessional and can create a negative impression.
  5. You Are Not Writing For Your Audience – One big mistake made by business is writing blogs for themselves rather than their target audience and customers. It is difficult to attract visitors if you are posting topics no one cares about or are primarily self-promotion.

At Premier Business Advantage, we know that you have a lot on your pate as a business owner. Let us take over your business blog so you can focus on growing your business. If you would like to talk about the reasons your business blog isn’t getting traffic, or need more information, please contact us.

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