The purpose of business blogging is to attract new customers. However, the impact is limited if your blog posts are not shared or receive comments. Why? It comes down to an idea called social proof. It is a psychological phenomenon which the actions of others will influence the perception of the value and importance of the content created. Does this make sense to you?

Additionally, interaction with your business blog has an additional benefit, beyond influencing your visitors. Search engine algorithms use comments, social shares, and other interaction as signals to evaluate your popularity and reliability. Therefore, blog interaction will increase search engine optimization and improve your position on results pages. The end result is a cycle of more visitors, greater more interactions, and improved search engine positioning.

Follow these business blogging tips to increase interaction:

Tip #1: Create valuable content for your audience. – You simply cannot expect visitors to interact with your content if it is obvious marketing. Content must have real value to your readers. Create blog entries that are useful, information, or entertaining. Ask yourself if you would share or comment on what you created.

Tip #2: Increase your online visibility and footprint. – Utilize social media to increase your company’s visibility. Your social media pages are not just placeholders, they are an essential aspect of your content marketing strategy. Regularly post to social media and engage with the content of others. Use social media to interact with prospects and customers. This will build your audience.

Tip #3: Ask for comments and social shares. – Simply end your blog post with a statement such as, “If you would like to talk about X, or have any questions, please add your comments below.” You can also ask people to add their own advice or experiences. Many people will not comment if you don’t leave the door open.

Tip #4: Respond when people add their comments. – One of the easiest ways to increase the number of blog comments is to just keep the conversation going. If someone is gracious enough to comment on your business blog, reply in a timely fashion. Your visitors will appreciate the authenticity and that there is a real person behind the website.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more business blogging tips to increase interaction, or need more information, please contact us.