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You’ve built your business into a recognizable brand but you want to give your customers more. Have you thought about offering the convenience of online ordering via ETab? They already know and love your product so give them the option to access and order your products anytime, anywhere.

What is ETab?

ETab by Premier Business Advantage lets you easily set up and manage your online ordering system. We give you the platform to make your customer’s ordering experience as quick and simple as possible. Awhile making order management for you easy as well. ETab allows you to decide how you want to manage your incoming orders and what fits best with your current process flow. You can receive your orders through tablet-based Order Management, Web-Connected Printing,  E-mail Notifications or Text Alerts – or you can mix and match to create a system that works best for you! Premier Business Advantage understands that technology can be frustrating and we work to make ETab as simple and effective as possible. If you can use your mobile phone or web browser you can be an ETab pro!


Did you know that restaurants that offer online ordering typically see a 30% higher ticket total that restaurants that do not offer this service? Did you know that self-service kiosks help restaurants see an improved sales velocity of almost 300%? There is no doubt in our current technology economy that offering online ordering for your business makes a difference. By adding online ordering or digital services like self-serve kiosks every aspect of your business receives benefits. Many customers surveyed said they like to order food online because it’s quick and avoids waiting in line. In our on-demand lifestyles having to go inside to place an order and then wait for it, especially a to-go order, is unappealing. Giving the customer the convenience they want ensures they will return to your restaurant again and again.

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