3 Ways We Provide The Most Competitive Credit Card Processing Rates

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Learn How To Get The Most Competitive Credit Card Processing Rates With Premier Business Advantage

Here at Premier Business Advantage (PBA), we offer highly competitive credit card processing rates. We are often able to meet or beat your current rates. Sound like a bold claim? Here are three aspects of our approach to top-of-the-line customer service:

  • Every merchant qualifies for our Merchant Assurance Policy. Yes, that means your business, too! We will meet the current rates of any program on the market. Our business model starts at that baseline for all of our clients, with every effort to get prices down even further. We specialize in leveraging every bit of your business’ data to come to the lowest-cost processing solution possible.
  • We support the newest card processing and bill pay services. By equipping your business with modern payment processing upgrades like EMV (Chip Card Compatible Reader), Apple Pay, and Android Pay, we make sure your business is capable of processing whatever your customers use to pay. And we provide competitively low rates for processing payments through these methods.
  • We provide FREE analysis of your business. All you have to do is send us three months of credit card statements. Our merchant services experts will evaluate your data and provide a free, complete analysis, matching the needs of your business with the best, most cost-effective options we have available.

Combine the above with our responsive, solutions-based customer service, and you arrive at a low-cost, high-quality credit card processing partner. Don’t let your ongoing credit card processing costs continue to eat into your margins. Contact our team at PBA for a free consultation on how you can save money on your processing fees.

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