What Can Core Local do for Your Online Presence?

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For local businesses, online advertising is a persistent challenge. The effective ROI on pushing online ads — search, banners, etc. — isn’t always in your company’s favor.

A more effective digital marketing strategy is focusing your efforts on local search. Not just targeted ads that pop up when someone searches for products or services in the relevant region. We mean making sure that whether a user is looking for related information or even directly searching for your business, they find complete and accurate details with as few barriers as possible.

Don’t Let Automatically Filled Details Cost You Money

There are over 70 major avenues for local business searches, from Google to Yelp to Foursquare and so many more. Potential customers are looking for you on any one of those services.

And many of those services either automatically flesh out details, such as business name, address, phone number, etc. Information could be out of date, or simply outright wrong. That’s essentially a lead — a customer who would’ve happily spent money with your business — being converted into a lost sale.

Smartphone users are understandably fickle. For every extra step they take to find information, they become more likely to turn to another avenue to get the information they hoped to find.

This is why it’s so important to make sure your business is represented accurately across as many local search engines and apps as possible.

Don’t Leave Money On the Table

It isn’t enough to make sure your Google results come up accurately. And that’s where Core Local comes in to help.

The grunt work of getting your accurately updated information deployed across over 70 local search sources is covered for you. We roll out proven strategies for displaying your local content when potential customers look for you or the service/product you provide.

That’s what Core Local can do for you. To learn more, contact the local search professionals at Premier Business Advantage today.

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