The Cost of Running an Outdated Website

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If you are a business owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of having an impressive website. Your website makes or breaks your business’s first impression. A sleek, well-designed, updated website that displays your company’s information in a clear, concise and powerful manner is an important investment. A slow website, however, sends out the wrong message; a mismanaged and outdated website is indicative of the business itself. When you lose control of your web presence, you lose potential clients and ultimately, you lose money.

Here are four quick tips on how to improve a slow and outdated website:

  1. Make sure your website is optimized for viewing on a mobile device instead of simply hosting the desktop version. Think of the amount of browsing that you personally do on your smartphone. Imagine the percentage of potential clients you could be missing out on simply due to the fact that your website is outdated and not designed to be viewed on a mobile device. People become quickly frustrated if they have to constantly zoom in and zoom out to view information listed on a website, and will not have the patience to stay on your site to attain any valuable information. If you are unsure of how to optimize your website yourself, retaining the services of a reputable tech company offers a huge return on investment.
  2. Check to make sure your website is operating as efficiently as possible. How is the coding done; could an alternative type of programming language be better? Determine what specifically is slowing your website down; are there large files that could be optimized for web viewing? Is the page full of extraneous plugins and popups? Your website could simply need to be cleaned up and reorganized to make it clear, concise, easy to navigate and fast.
  3. Are you missing out on potential traffic because your website does not show up via a Google search? Experts can take steps to ensure that your website shows up when the keywords relevant to your business are searched, driving appropriate prospective customers to your site without having to scroll through multiple pages of results.
  4. Check the server response time. That alone can slow down a website, regardless of how well it’s designed. If the server is slow, you may benefit from moving your site to an alternative server or reevaluating how your domain is hosted altogether. Perhaps you hired someone to initially design your website years ago. Technology is constantly evolving and advancing, and that includes website design. Bringing your website up to date can completely revamp it with a few simple steps. Think of the way smartphones have evolved over the last decade. Web design, like smartphones, has advanced by leaps and bounds.

In conclusion, if your website is slow, sluggish and outdated, it is driving business away rather than drawing it in. Cleaning up your website can help you to maintain your competitive edge. If you are unsure of how to undertake the task yourself, do not hesitate to hire a professional digital marketing service. From establishing a strong web presence to SEO and increased traffic, you will see immediate results.

Premier Business Advantage (PBA) has been in business since 1998, giving us years of experience in merchant services. We are BBB accredited; family-owned and operated. We offer the latest advances in payment processing and digital marketing, including:

  1. Mobile/Tablet friendly website design
  2. Local Listings, including verified Google Listing
  3. Blogging
  4. Social Media Posting
  5. Competitive Credit Card processing rates (we guarantee to meet or beat your current processing rates and offer discounts on other services for processing clients)
  1. EMV (Chip Card Compatible reader) upgrades
  2. Android & Apple Pay technology for merchants
  3. Top of the line customer service

To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.

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