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Starting a blog for your company is not just another chore on the way to success; it’s the opportunity to begin a meaningful dialogue with your customer base. A particularly effective blog, one that speaks to the interests and needs of your current and potential customers, doesn’t just bring customers to your site for one visit. It keeps them coming back to read more of what you have to say.

To establish such a relationship, an effective blog must have:

  1. A voice, or tone, that meets the interest level of those coming to visit. If it’s highly technical or full of jargon, it’s not likely to appeal to a range of customers.
  2. Topics that are varied, yet on message. Without some variety in what you have to say, there isn’t a reason to return for more. Likewise, if you have posts that are far off the mark, there isn’t a reason for someone interested in your product or service to return at all.
  3. Information that either offers readers the first step into the topic or offers information that is beyond the basics. For this reason, a series of posts on a topic is often a strong incentive for customers to return to your blog.
  4. Posts on related topics or considerations about your product, service, or industry segment. These are a good idea because they give your customer an opportunity to view your product offering in the context of other products that are shown to only partially meet their needs. It also provides them with an opportunity to view other uses or positive attributes of your product – uses or attributes they might have overlooked.
  5. Posts that “speak” to the needs and interests of customers and prospects to engage those readers. It gives them a sense that they “know” your company. It also shows them that you are there for more than the moment of decision and purchase.  to take your blog to the next level.

Interested in having a blog on your company website, but simply just don’t have the time or know-how? Contact us about the ways we can help you to create such a blog for your business.

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