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Social media marketing has become one of the most effective methods of reaching clients for easy interaction. Social media channels allow for direct marketing to targeted personas, allowing businesses to find their ideal prospects for creative marketing opportunities. If you are confused or overwhelmed by social media marketing, here are some tips to get your company started with this effective marketing channel.

Tips for Social Media Marketing Newbies

1. Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin

If you are unfamiliar with social media marketing, your best bet is to start with only one or two channels. Each site has their eccentricities and differing marketing tools. Facebook is a good channel to start with if your target audience hangs out there. Their tools are very good and they have the largest following.

2. Know Your Audience

This tip sounds redundant if you have ever marketed on any channel, but it is extremely important for social media marketing. Each channel attracts a different demographic, so you need to know which channel(s) your target persona uses. Use your marketing budget effectively.

3. Take Advantage of Free Tools

While paid advertising works, it works better in conjunction with the free marketing tools. For instance, Facebook groups and pages are a good way to find new prospects and qualify them. Pinterest boards offer dedicated followers. YouTube channels offer subscriptions to people who are interested in your videos. All of these tools are free.

4. Make Interactions Interesting and Creative

Don’t just blindly repost your own content. Mix it up with polls, contests, user-generated content, customer service and humor. Find content your followers will love and post it on your channel along with your own.

5. Have Fun with It

Social media is fun. Make it fun for your followers too. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and offer a laugh or cartoon regularly to keep followers laughing. We all need a boost in our daily lives; sometimes a cute kitten video is just what we need.

6. Experiment with Different Content

Sometimes social media posts go viral; sometimes they bomb. Find the style that fits your brand best and then rinse and repeat.

Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, not every business has the time or manpower to invest into making their social media pages live up to their potential. That is where we come in. At Premier Business Advantage, we possess all of the tools necessary to properly maintain your business social media pages so you can focus on what really matters, growing your business. Have questions about social media marketing for business? Contact us today!

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