Chip Cards

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Chip Cards

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EMV: What is it & How does it work?

EMV is a global standard for cards made with computer chips and EMV terminals are used to authenticate chip card transactions.

Because of numerous large-scale data breaches and increasing rates of counterfeit card fraud, US card issuers are migrating to this new technology to protect consumers and reduce the costs of fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions about EMV

How is an EMV card used?

Instead of the magnetic strip being swiped, the chip card is inserted into a EMV terminals.

Is a signature or pin required?

This will depend on the card issuing banks’ requirements for their EMV cards.

It will not be determined by if it is a debit or credit card.

What are EMV cards more secure?

Magnetic strips contain data that can easily be copied and used to make fraudulent purchases.

EMV cards are equipped with a computer chip which created a unique, one-time-use transaction code; because of this, the data on the EMV card is extremely difficult to extract.

Who is liable if fraud occurs?

In the case of a fraudulent transaction, the merchant will be liable if they do not process chip card transactions with EMV terminals.

Chip Card Readers

Verifone® VX 520

Verifone-VX-520-emv-credit-card-terminalThe most advanced countertop payment device, the VX 520 offers enhanced connectivity, unrivaled memory and unprecedented processing speed. Built with long-lasting components, flexible connectivity options and a brilliant backlit screen – all grounded by the time-tested stability of the VX platform. The VX 520 works harder, faster, longer. It’s all here.

Proven Performance

  • Runs on the advanced VX Evolution platform – powered by the time-tested Verix operating system with millions of devices delivered
  • The industry’s fastest processor moved more transactions for greater profits
  • Built with higher-quality components for long-lasting durability
  • Provides end-to-end encryption with VeriShield Total Protect, to maximize protection against fraud and misuse

Perfect for Small Business

  • Instant broadband connectivity for speedy transactions that won’t slow down your business
  • GPRS connectivity option provides portable flexibility – only a power source required when using wireless connectivity
  • Communication port area neatly connects cables under device
  • The latest, most reliable advanced in security for maximum protection

Next-Generation Features

  • Huge boost in memory to support value-added applications such as loyalty and gift cards
  • High-contrast, white backlit display and blue backlit keypad for high visibility in dim lighting
  • Quick -release, transparent paper door designed to load paper quickly and efficiently
  • Combines a compact, ergononmic design with a small footprint to optimize handover usage

Ingenico® iCT250

Ingenico-iCT220The Ingenico iCT250 countertop terminal offers fast, reliable payment processing in a self-contained unit that doesn’t require connecting to a separate point-of-sale system. It’s a sophisticated solution for all of your business’s electronic payments, with security your customers can count on.

Plus … Accept American Express® Card transactions at the same rate as other payment cards† — American Express Cards can potentially bring in new business and help boost your bottom line. All your processing information with one statement, one point of contact and one great price!

iCT250 Features & Benefits

  • EMV and contactless card capability — accept more types of payments as customers upgrade to new technology
  • Bright, high-contrast color display — high visibility for customers and staff, plus screensaver capability for your messaging
  • Supports high-speed Internet connection (dial-up backup) — complete customer transactions quickly
  • 512MB memory capacity — can host numerous processing applications
  • Built-in printer — provide customer receipts without additional equipment
  • PCI PED 3.0 security standard — exceeds industry requirements for data securityList Item

Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Ingenico-iwl250-wireless-emv-terminalThe iWL250 wireless Bluetooth terminal from Ingenico® gives your business processing freedom and flexibility.

The Ingenico iWL250 is one of the smallest, lightest and most secure short-range wireless terminals on the market today, with speed and power that let you process anywhere in your store, at curbside or at the table.

Plus … Accept American Express® Card transactions at the same rate as other payment cards† — American Express Cards can potentially bring in new business and help boost your bottom line. All your processing information with one statement, one point of contact and one great price!

iWL250 Features and Benefits

  • EMV and contactless card capability — facilitates acceptance of more types of payments as customers upgrade to new technology
  • Bluetooth short-range wireless connection (with stationary base) supports high-speed Internet connection (dial-up backup) — take the terminal to your customers
  • Bright, high-contrast backlit display — high visibility for customers and staff, even in lower light conditions
  • Compact, lightweight design — easy to carry, easy to use in tight spaces
  • Built-in printer — provide customer receipts without additional equipment
  • PCI PED 2.0 security standard — exceeds industry requirements for data security


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