e|tab Will Drive People to Your Restaurant

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Through online ordering, businesses can create an online presence that outshines their competitors’. Your potential customers lead busy lives. They do not always have the time or energy to drive specifically to your restaurant and order in-person. With an application like e|tab, your customers can preview your menu and then order with a few clicks of their mouse.

73% of surveyed consumers stipulate that they like ordering food online. It is fast and convenient; there are no busy lines or messy misconceptions. They feel confident that when they order their food online, they will get just what they wanted, faster. Your business can be the one that catches their interest, instantly.

e|tab Will Boost Your Sales

Restaurants that provide their customers with online ordering capabilities have reported their sales have boosted by 30%. That is a significant increase and one that you should take immediate advantage of. Your ticket sales are essential to the health of your business, and with this small adjustment, you will guarantee your loyal customers the ability to choose your restaurant first, always.

When a customer chooses another restaurant over yours, remember that they are calculating the resource expenditure in their head. They might prefer your food, but if it is less convenient than a competitor’s you can undoubtedly kiss their patronage goodbye.

But with e|tab’s convenient set-up, you can get ahead of the curve. Just being online can spark a new customer’s interest and drive the relationships you currently have. Imagine the possibilities.

Your Sales Velocity Will Increase

Did you know that restaurants who installed line-busting kiosks noticed a 300% velocity increase in sales to their kitchens? Having cashiers at the counter, ready to take orders, is not enough in this high-speed world. Using a kiosk can elevate your restaurant’s ability to take in orders and finish them in record time.

Customers like to use technology when ordering food. Some may be anxious or nervous; they might feel as if they slow down line progress once it is time to finally order. Some might be rushing, having only so much time to eat on their lunch break. Kiosks eliminate the human middle man and increase efficiency. e|tab’s multifaceted menu software can uplift your business and increase profits. No fuss, no muss.

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Benefits Of Online Ordering Via eTab