Why Every Business Needs a Company Blog

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According to New York Magazine, the very first blog appeared in 1994. Today, nearly 25 years later, estimates are that 440 million blogs populate the internet. Every business from the corner shoe store to your favorite local radio personality has a blog. If your business is not yet on the blogging bandwagon, it is time get aboard.

Why? Because a company blog can serve so many purposes. They keep customers up to date on what is happening with your company, and they are easily shared on social media, extending their reach to potential new customers at no cost.

They also have other important functions:

A Current Company Blog Means Someone is Home

Have you ever run across a website with an out of date blog? The site itself might look great, but if no one is taking the time to keep the blog current, then it seems as though no one is minding the shop. This can lead to customer unease or distrust, particularly if your website collects sensitive information like credit card numbers.

A Blog is Good for SEO

The search engines like well written, well optimized blog posts. The more posts a site has, the more posts the engines will pick up. This increases the chances that users will see the posts when they are searching for your particular product or service. More blog/website visitors mean more business.

A Company Blog Invites Interaction

Blogs invite customers to leave their thoughts and questions.  This can give you insights into what people think about your brand in ways rarely possible before. Responding to these concerns shows visitors that they matter to your business and builds brand loyalty.

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