Discover How Facebook Posting Boosts SEO Value

Improve SEO with Facebook Posting

You came across this article, most likely, because you were searching for ways to boost your rank on search engine results pages. You are doing everything right. You are following all the best practices for search engine optimization. Moreover, you are writing great, informative content. However, organic search traffic is still not at the level you expect. The problem could be your larger online footprint and content distribution. Today’s article will discuss how Facebook posting boost SEO value.

There is a strong relationship between content, social media, and SEO. All of these strategies focus on inbound marketing, naturally attracting an audience. Social media relies on high-quality content and a strong brand visibility. Moreover, many experts will tell you that good SEO will improve your social media efforts. Conversely, an effective social media presence can greatly boost your search ranking.

In the past, SEO focused on target or focus keywords. Today, SEO much more relies on search intent and fulfilling the user’s needs. Google’s algorithms now work to score trustworthiness and quality. When you think about it, the idea makes a lot of sense. Businesses survive and grow by fulfilling the needs of their customers, and meeting and exceeding expectations. Google’s customers are search users who are looking for reliable and trusted information. Therefore, search engines algorithms use (directly or indirectly) social shares, likes, and other forms of engagement as signals about what is popular, genuine, authoritative, and trusted.

Facebook Posting Strategies to Boost SEO Value

1. Grow Your Followers – A company with a million followers or fans will receive a greater SEO boost than one with only 100 followers. That said, Google can evaluate the quality of your fans and followers. This means that buying Twitter followers will not help you. Grow your social media followers by posting quality content, information and tips, and provide authentic, natural engagement with your followers.

2. External Inbound Links – Social media is a distribution method for your content. When your blogs are original and useful, they are shared more often. When this happens, it helps get your content in front of people who will cite your authoritative content, creating external inbound links. The more thought leaders and influencers recognize and engage with your content, the greater your organic reach.

3. Social Media Optimization – While you need to share your content on social sites, that is not enough. Your website must have a design that includes social sharing tools and promotes your online profiles. Users love to share content that they find uniquely informative, useful, or entertaining. The more opportunities you give people to share, the greater the SEO impact.

4. Engage Your Local Community – More and more, search users are seeking locally relevant information. Using your social channels as a resource for local information, promoting local partners, and engaging local users can give a boost to your Local SEO value. Google collects signals to determine if your business is focused on a global, national, regional, or local audience. Your social media behavior can influence those signals.

5. Social Media Profiles in Search Results – Search any major corporation or celebrity and what do you find? Most likely, you will discover links to their individual profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other popular social platforms. Your social profiles do matter to Google and other search engines. Companies should not underestimate the power social channels to attract organic search traffic.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about how Facebook posting boosts SEO value, or a related topics, please contact us.