Why Your Business Needs a Gift Card Program

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The concept of gift cards is one that is very easy to understand. They are an easy, hassle-free gift that everyone appreciates. In fact, there are about 160 billion gift cards bought and received in the U.S alone and 85% of all those gift cards are redeemed in the first month. As a business, you might be losing sales if you do not currently have a gift card program for your customers. Here are 3 reasons why you should definitely give gift cards a try if you aren’t already:

They highly increase traffic

When a customer buys a gift card, chances are they are buying it for someone else. The person receiving the gift card can then come to your store and enjoy your products and services. If they really like your business, they will then keep coming in, recommending it, and bringing about more business. When your customers are willing to bring in more business, it becomes a cycle that you should not be willing to miss out on.

It generates revenue

A lot of people see gift cards as a sort of discount they can use towards their total purchase. Most customers will spend more money than the total of their gift card, meaning you have made more money from the sale of the gift card than you would have if only a single had made a purchase. Not to mention you generated 2 sales opportunities: the customer purchasing the gift card, and the customer using it.

Boost sales around the holidays

Gift cards are the most purchased gift during the holidays. People love buying and receiving gift cards and chances are your sales will increase tenfold during holiday seasons. Last minute shoppers and consumers who don’t know what presents to get for people will definitely be swarming your store for gift cards of any kind. Having a gift card program smart way to bring about more customers!

Gift cards are one way of increasing your revenue and popularity that you do not want to pass up on. From doubling your sales during the holiday season to bringing about more business throughout the year, your revenue increase potential is all in the gift cards! Contact us today to see how can take advantage of our gift card program options.

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