Google Demotes Non-Mobilized Website Rankings

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In today’s fluid internet landscape, it is only natural for evolution to occur. Google is very well known for constantly mutating their algorithms to consistently provide the very best experience for their users.

To put it plainly: A Search Engines’ job is to provide the most relevant, most reliable information it can, as quick as it can, to every search query done by a user.

The Future of the Web

With this job description in mind, the most logical next step is for Google, and other search engines, to reward those websites that have kept up with today’s most recent mobile internet trends and have been mobilized, and, for those same search engines, to demote the rankings of those whom have not.

The websites that will be hurt the most by this ranking implementation will be those websites still using Adobe Flash, as most mobile platforms are not Flash compatible. Other factors that could lead to a ranking fall are long load times, huge image sizes, redirect errors, blank screens, and poor navigation display.

Get Mobilized!

With the benefits of being mobilized far outweighing the costs, its absurd to think most businesses have not mobilized already. According to Ed Maier at, “Mobile users make up one fifth of all online searches,”and that number is only going to grow exponentially in the near future. Also, a recent study by Google-Nielsen reports that 73% of mobile searches today  “trigger follow-up actions, whether it be further research, a store visit, a phone call, a purchase, or word-of-mouth sharing.” When these facts are put into perspective, it seems slightly irresponsible to your business and to your customers for your website to not be properly mobilized.

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