How Your Google Search Presence Affects Your Business

Why Your Google Search Presence Matters

Today, search engine optimization isn’t just about having the right content with the right keywords. When consumers are traveling, or searching for something near where they live, they care about local businesses, and most find those local businesses through Google search. Making sure that your business appears in these searches consistently will lead to more sales and a greater return on investment for your advertising dollars. Make your money work by partnering with Premier Business Advantage to make sure your Google search presence is up to par.

How Our Services Help Your Online Presence

Consumers trust Google search, both for ratings and for accuracy. 88% of consumers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions, and over 60% of your consumers will search for you more than 6 times this year. What are these customers seeing when they search for you?

Now, you have the ability to control that. Put your best foot forward and trust a company that has been in the business since before Y2K. We focus on controlling your business image through:

  • Ensuring Google has the most up-to-date information about your business.
  • Increasing revenue by syncing your content across platforms.
  • Continually analyzing results and incorporating that data into charts to increase your success.
  • Providing a platform for you to view and manage consumer reviews to ensure you deliver the best product for all locations.
  • Allowing you to manage your business presence across the internet.

Why Choose Premier Business Advantage

We understand that having an affordable, efficient service is what you need. We also understand that inconsistent information about your business on GPS apps, maps, local apps, social networks, and especially search engines like Google costs you valuable sales. Making sure that your business can be found in local search is imperative to turn searches into sales. When you choose Premier Business Advantage, you are able to control what consumers see on a variety of pages, including over 60 local listing partners such as Apple Maps, Google, Yelp, and Facebook. For more information, contact us.