How Blogging Can Help Your Website Rank Better on Search Engines

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Help Your Website Rank Better on Search Engines with Blogging

Marketing your site on the web isn’t a simple one day process that will provide you with a consistent return on investment. If you want to grow and compete in today’s digital landscape, you’re going to need to commit to the process. You need content that is engaging, relevant, and unique. Incorporating a blog into your growth strategy is one of the smartest things you can do.

How Blogging Can Help Your Website Rank Better on Search Engines

A blog can help establish and reinforce your reputation as a professional in your field. Users greatly enjoy and often rely on the expertise of their brands and professional service providers both online and off. But how does this affect your search rankings? We’re getting to that.

It’s A Lot Of Work

While it can be labor intensive to start blogging and keep up with it, you’ll find that it really doesn’t require that much time. An hour or two a day can provide you with quality content to distribute on the web, and if your goal is one or two blog posts a week, you’re already doing better than most.

What Does This Have To Do With Search Engines?

The content you produce through your blog can contain very valuable and unique keywords. Search engines love unique content, and the more you have on hand, the better. So, let’s say your blog has a different address than your main brand’s site and you are updating it frequently. Your blog can be a selling tool in and of itself that search engines index and provide to users, AND it can be used to LINK directly to your site. The amount of relevant and quality links you have pointing to your website increases the quality ranking that some search engines like Google will give to your site.

How Do I Get Started?

There are many paid and free blogging tools available online. It is important that you sketch out a strategy for your blog before pushing forward. Things like topic and the location of your blog on the web need to be considered. Of course, we’re always here to talk, so please contact us with your thoughts.

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