The Importance of a Social Media Presence for Business In 2018

Social media’s central status in global culture continues to grow, both in terms of how many Americans use these services and in how much time they spend with them. How does your company’s social media presence stack up to the competition?

To find customers, a social media presence is a must. And with 68% of American adults counting themselves as regular users of Facebook alone, a tailored social media strategy is often the crucial difference maker for putting a business or brand over the top.

Decoding the State of Social Media Use in 2018

Less than a decade ago, internet use was spread over many different websites and services. Just a few years ago, that largely consolidated to Facebook as the primary way users discovered content and communicated with each other. But today, the landscape is yet again shifting.

For example: even seasoned Facebook marketing veterans might not be prepared for the demographic monster that is Snapchat. The platform has an extremely unique culture compared to traditional social media like Facebook and Twitter. And if the young adult slice of Americans is potentially lucrative for you, Snapchat is now a must: 78% of 18-24 year olds visit Snapchat. And 71% of those users access the app multiple times a day!

Attitudes Towards Social Media Are Fickle

Not all social media platforms are equal. Facebook users are trending older, and younger users are showing less interest in the site than ever before; still, it’s remains the leader in the space. And this is in the context of the equally aged Instagram experiencing growth and increased dedication from a younger userbase.

Of special note: 29% of social media users report that they could happily live without any of these services at all!

Due to the intense level of user engagement, a social media presence is absolutely crucial for any modern business. But it’s also a particularly easy space in which to end up putting time, effort and money towards a platform that might not be in sync with where your target audience currently is.

Social Media Experts Parse the Demographics For You

Any good social media marketing approach needs to take into consideration the demographics of the particular medium used to get your message across. What works well for one business on Facebook may not work well for another. It all depends the one the target market and the demographics of the users on each individual social media platform.

Is your company in need of social media assistance? We can help! Our social media team thoughtfully crafts their content for our clients to match these exacting needs. To learn more about what we can do for your social media presence, contact us at Premier Business Advantage today.