3 Ways Inaccurate Online Business Listings Can Sabotage Your Company

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Inaccurate Online Business Listings Can Do More Damage Than You May Think

Today’s customers are more reliant on the internet than ever. You know that they’re shopping online, checking out reviews for your business, and even looking up information about the business before they ever step through the door. Have you ever thought about how inaccurate online business listings can sabotage your company?

  1. Inaccurate Addresses Cost You Customers

When customers come looking for your store, they need to know where you’re located. If your address isn’t accurate in your online business listing, however, they’re going to fail to find your store–and that might mean that they’re not able to come in at all! You don’t want to lose customers due to an inaccurate online listing, so make sure that your online business listings are updated regularly.

  1. Inaccurate Phone Numbers Lead to Unhappy Customers

When a customer looks up the phone number for your store, it’s typically to either ask a question about an item you carry or service you offer or to offer feedback about service they received on a previous visit. If you don’t have an accurate phone number listed in your online business listings, they might not be able to get in touch with you. That means that customer service issues will go unresolved–and customers who aren’t satisfied with the service they’ve received are less likely to return to your company in the future.

  1. Customers Want Online Reviews in Real Time

Are the reviews that show up with your online business listing really about your company? In many cases, customers checking out online reviews are trying to decide whether or not they’re going to buy from your company. That means you want accurate reviews that are from real customers, not reviews for someone else’s efforts!

85% of local searches convert within 90 minutes. If you want to be sure that your online listings are as accurate as possible in order to take advantage of those searches in your industry, contact us today and learn how our Core Local™ product can help.

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