Getting in Front of Local Customers Through Local Search

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Getting in front of local clients is an important goal for almost any business. While giant search engines and social networks are good at reaching people regardless of location, most businesses actually get ahead by selling to a local client base. After all, if you are a retailer, small business, distributor, trades person, medical professional, financial advisor or a myriad of other businesses, you need to have a physical point of sale with your client. That means they will most likely live and work in your surrounding area. There are a few ways to effectively produce this type of effective local search marketing.

Local SEO

The key is using local search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to reach your target audience. So if you are a plumber, doctor or real estate broker in St. Louis, you will want to promote yourself through local search strategies. Google allows firms to tailor their key words to these locations, which is critical.

Additionally, firms should include certain keywords in their own headings and titles. They should build out link networks on a local basis and continue to produce content focused on local issues and concerns. All of these help to inch up your local search rankings, so when the customer types “St. Louis plumber” into search, you will appear at the top of the page in both organic and paid rankings.

Mobile Search by Location

Another powerful technique is to target people by their GPS location on mobile devices. Search, banner ads, social targeting, maps and other ad techniques can all take location into account. So for example, when a tourist in St. Louis is walking down the street search and they search “Pizza” or “Lunch” in their mobile search, the nearest pizza shop using local search techniques can immediately rise to the top of the listings. The tourist heads straight to the location and purchases their meal.

Fixing Local Data

Last but not least, all local data should be scrubbed and cleaned up. That means that addresses, phone numbers and site links in all local ads and maps are corrected. This is an ongoing process that requires monitoring to make sure customers can find the correct contact info at all times.

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