Marketing Mistakes That Send Customers to Your Competitors

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It’s hard to get attention online. The only way to reach customers is to make sure you have resources ready for them when they start searching online. But posting inaccurate or inconsistent details can make your company slip through the cracks of their search. Even worse, it might be sending potential customers to your competitors. Here are 2 marketing mistakes you may be making that could potentially send your customers to your competitors.

Unclear addresses don’t show up on maps.

Almost all of your customers will be using an online map to find your store. But they aren’t going to go to your business’s site, copy the physical address, and paste it into the map app or GPS. That’s just too many steps. Instead, you need to be sure your business shows up clearly across every map site and local business directory. If customers can’t find you with a casual search, they’ll go somewhere else.

Even inconsistent formatting can confuse evolving AI systems. If you’ve recently moved or your business ever had a different address, that can be even worse. Use software solutions to update all of you business listings and profiles.

Lots of your competitors have similar names.

If a customer is searching for you and they hit a dead-end, that’s bad for business. But if they search for you and find a competitor instead, that’s even worse. There are several different ways to clean up your business listings across the Internet so customers find you the first time.

Instead of manually searching through all of your old business profiles, use software tools that can track down your business listings and help you update them. When all of your profiles have a name and address with standardized conventions, updated pictures, and regular traffic, there’s no cause for confusion.

Be sure to avoid these marketing mistakes so that your target market knows who you are and where to find you. Contact us at Premier Business Advantage to find the local business listing tools to keep your profiles accurate.

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