What We Promise To Do:

We are committed to providing you, our customer, with honest merchant processing at very competitive rates. If you are approached by someone offering you a deal that sounds too good to be true, call us and we will analyze that offer based upon the actual history of your processing experience, not by guessing. We are confident in our ability to be competitive, and we will show you the results in a side-by-side comparison. If, during the term of your current Merchant Processing Agreement with us, you receive a legitimate written offer, which includes all applicable rates, fees and charges, including, without limitation, monthly fees, discount fees, surcharges, per item fees, etc., that would result in you paying less per month for your credit card processing, we will meet or beat that offer or eliminate any early termination fees in your contract.*

What You Promise To Do:

If you are approached by someone trying to convince you to switch processors, please call our office. We will provide you with a quick cost comparison on what you are currently paying and how it stacks up to the competitor’s offer.

You have nothing to lose!

*Nothing herein modifies the terms of your Merchant Processing Agreement with us, including without limitation, amounts that may be due upon termination.

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