Why Mobile Friendly Website Design Matters

These days, it seems as though everything is mobile. Mobile search engines offer enhanced convenience to your customers–and most of them expect your website design to be mobile friendly. Have you been putting off the update to a mobile friendly website design? If so, there are several reasons why you should make updating your website to include a mobile friendly platform a priority.

1. Mobile friendly website design is more convenient for your customers. In 2016, mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing for the first time–and those numbers continue to grow. That means that increased numbers of your customers are checking out your website from their mobile devices–and if they’re unable to access your website or they find that it’s not convenient for them to browse from that platform, they’re more likely to visit a competitor instead.

2. Mobile friendly website design boosts your SEO. You want your business to be noticed by search engines. Search engines want your website to be mobile friendly. In fact, Google’s algorithms penalize websites that aren’t mobile friendly in their efforts to offer more useful search results to all of their users.

3. Mobile friendly website design means your customers can access your website from anywhere. Whether they have a few spare minutes to browse at the office or they’re checking out your website on their commute, your customers need a mobile friendly design that makes it easy for your website to go with them anywhere. If your website is only convenient from a desktop device, then your customers are only going to visit it from their desktop devices–and that means missed opportunities for your business.

If you’re ready to start offering the mobile friendly website design that your customers want from your business, contact us. We’ll with you to create a stunning website that will make it easier for your visitors to get exactly what they need out of your website.