Mobile POS Systems for Your Business Success

For the small business person, every sale is meaningful. Losing a sale because you can only accept cash and your customer only has a card is not acceptable. Merchants that have pop-up stands, less infrastructure and smaller sites are particularly vulnerable to this problem. Fortunately, new low-cost tablet and mobile POS systems allow merchants to always accept credit card payments, no matter the situation.

Consumers are now coming to expect to be able to use their credit card for payments anytime, anywhere.  That is why mobile payment solutions are becoming so important. Even within the store, mobile payments are fast becoming the norm with cash registers becoming less prevalent. Even large companies including Apple, the new Amazon stores and other chains are also adopting mobile POS solutions. They feature customer service representatives using tablets and other mobile devices to accept payment for purchases. That increases the convenience and ease of payments dramatically.

Mobile POS systems also have additional features that many traditional POS systems do not have. For example, they can allow the customer to enter their email so that they receive an email copy of their receipt rather than a paper copy. They also often allow social media integration so customers can get updates and become followers of merchants at the same time as the purchase. This increases customer loyalty and produces long-term engagement.

Premier Business Advantage (PBA) is a leading, family owned, payments provider with almost 20 years of experience servicing merchants. The firm has a number of innovative solutions including mobile POS systems, EMV upgrades, social media accessibility and competitive credit card processing. For more information, please contact us.