Mobile and Tablet Processing Changing the Game for Small Businesses

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The new options available in point of sale solutions have changed the way that many businesses accept payments. A survey completed back in 2014, found that nine percent of people carry no cash in their wallets at all and about 50 percent of Americans will have about 20 dollars or less in their wallet for purchases on a daily basis. As more places accept debit and credit cards and more employers are offering direct deposit eliminating bank and ATM visits, it’s not hard to imagine that even more Americans are skipping on using cash. How many sales are you losing out on due to your cash only rules?

Traditionally Cash Only Business Opening Up Options

Small businesses that traditionally have been cash only businesses are starting to change their payment options. Local mom and pop shop ice cream parlors, flea market vendors, crafters setting up at fairs and festivals, authors selling their independently published books, and more now have the option to accommodate customers that are short on cash. Mobile and tablet processing make it possible for these entrepreneurs to get those sales that would’ve otherwise fallen through their fingertips.

Accept Payments Anywhere

The Process Now Point of Sale solution turns your smart phone or tablet into a cash register. If you have access to the internet and the Process Now solution, you can take advantage of sales that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise. This option opens you up to being able to make sales at your home base of operations, such as a pop up shop in the mall, as well as on the go while traveling to different areas, such as going to comic cons across the country to sell your artwork.

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