3 Reasons Why Non-Responsive Websites Are Bad For Business

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When Google starts rewarding and punishing specific website features, website owners would be wise to take notice and make necessary changes. So when Google began dinging non-responsive websites, did you take notice?

3 Reasons Why Non-Responsive Websites are Bad for Business

Responsive website design means that your site responds to the size of the screen your visitors are using while on your site. Back in the day before tablets and smart phones, responsive site design was no big deal.

Now, it is a big deal.

Non-Responsive Websites are Bad for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

User experience plays a factor in search engine rankings and if visitors come to your site only to leave it seconds later, Google and other search engine algorithms mark that as a poor user experience. Imagine yourself as a potential customer on your website. You’re using a cell-phone or tablet.

  1. You search for a solution to a problem your company solves.
  2. Your site shows on page 1 of the search.
  3. You click on it.
  4. Your site does not show well on the screen.
  5. You hit the back button.
  6. The search engine makes note of the quick exit and judges your site as undeserving of such a high ranking due to a poor user experience.

That’s bad.

Non-Responsive Websites are Bad for Business

At what point did you realize that even without an SEO ding the above scenario would be fatal to sales?

Not only is mobile usage on the rise, so is mobile shopping. Back in the early days of ecommerce–it really wasn’t that long ago–most ecommerce took place on a desktop computer or one of those new-fangled laptops. Not anymore.

In 2014, Google searches on mobile devices outnumbered Google searches on non-mobile devices. That trend has continued through 2017 and will continue as mobile devices become widespread and better equipped to handle more technologically advanced tasks.

Social Media Produces Mobile Visitors

Social media marketing when done correctly leads to more conversions and more sales. Guess where most individuals access social media? That’s right, on a mobile device. Imagine, once again, a sales-crippling scenario involving a potential customer and a non-responsive website.

  1. A potential customer takes his or her mobile device out and checks the Facebook feed.
  2. Your Facebook ad shows up in the feed of this potential customer.
  3. Potential customer sees ad and thinks, “Wow, this could really help me!”
  4. Potential customer clicks on the ad and is taken to your non-responsive website.
  5. Potential customer gets frustrated because she really could have used what was in that ad.
  6. Potential customer goes back to watching cat videos and forgets your company even exists.

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