Our Online Ordering Software: e|tab

e|tab is a highly accessible, easy-to-use online ordering software created to simplify how you run your business. With increasingly valuable features meant for an increasingly digital marketplace, you will get a leg-up on the competition.

How Will This Help My Business?

e|tab is a software that is manageable on several different platforms. This includes your company’s computers, phones, and tablets. Through the usage of e|tab, your company will have easy-to-use menus that will make navigating your website more convenient for your customers. In fact, restaurants that use e|tab see 30% higher average ticket sales than competitors who don’t.

Will e|tab Make My Life Easier?

A system specially-designed to tackle the major headaches restaurants face in this digital age, e|tab is certain to make handling and receiving restaurant orders that much simpler. Our software is just the technology necessary to increase your restaurant’s relevance and its sales.

Not only will your restaurant menu management be that much easier, but so will its finances. e|tab enables you to better manage your restaurant’s finances through several key features. This means areas such as your Restaurant Basics, Payments & Taxes, Order Management, and relevant Admin Settings.

Instead of using several different applications to organize your needs as a restaurant owner, you will be less burdened by using a singular product, e|tab, which bundles up all your needs into one single software.

How Will My Customers React?

Customers generally applaud restaurant usage of sleek menus and highly-organized websites. Truthfully, when surveyed, 52% prefer the ease of ordering online to waiting within restaurants. A shorter wait-time guarantees a larger pool of customers within your reach.

Not only that, but 73% of customers surveyed said they prefer the usage of online ordering technology precisely because of its speed. Online ordering software eases your burden as a restaurant owner. It also increases the likelihood of potential customers choosing your restaurant for their consumer needs.

The fewer barriers between you and your customers, the better.

Still wary of investing your money in our easy-to-use online ordering software? Contact us today. We’ll match your needs as a restaurant owner with e|tab’s capabilities as a product.