Ringing in the Future: Mobile and Tablet Point of Sale Solutions

Why Point of Sale Solutions are Taking Over the Business World

Hearing the jingling bell of a cash register tally a sale may elicit fond memories of yesteryear. And though that can bring a smile to your face, you don’t want your customers relating your business to out-dated technology.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need innovative and secure methods to process payments on the go. Whether you’re an individual who just needs to process one-time payments or a business that needs to manage inventory and employees along with sales, our point of sale solutions for mobile and tablet processing beats jingling bells every time.

Through our ProcessNow POS systems, mobile and tablet payments are efficiently and securely processed anywhere a sale is made using these portable solutions:

  • ProcessNow Mobile app
  • ProcessNow Register app
  • Mini tablet stands
  • Full-size tablet stands
  • Mobile swiper

The ProcessNow Mobile and Register apps are compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi to offer your business a truly mobile solution. The apps allow your business to stay competitive with the following features and functions:

  • Accept all major payment cards
  • Manage all transactions, products, devices and employees in one place
  • Synchronize information from multiple devices
  • Print or email customer receipts
  • Analytical reporting specific to your business
  • Create transaction history reports in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF
  • Easy inventory entry

Mini and full-size stands help keep tablets safe and stable during use. They allow you to process payments at the actual physical point of sale, whether that is in someone’s backyard or in the clearance aisle of your store.  Tablet stands are lightweight, easy to use, and customers truly appreciate the convenience. Just slide your tablet in and you’re ready to go.

Use a mobile swiper to accept credit card payments. A mobile swiper plugs directly into your tablet or smartphone audio jack, adding a touch of sophistication to payment transactions that are already a breeze.

Contact us for more solutions of all your payment processing needs. We are the pros who can help your business gain competitive advantages in a mobile world.