Rank Higher: How Local Business Listings Can Benefit Your Company

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5 Reason You Need Premier Local Business Listings

Taking advantage of local business listings makes sense for just about every organization. In addition to the money you spend on PPC and SEO marketing, you should invest in marketing through local business listings as well. There’s no reason to miss out on the clients a well-designed business listing can send your way.

In addition, for many small to medium-sized businesses, you might find there’s no competition for 1st page, above the fold placement for a local business in your industry.

Just like PPC listings, local business listings show up predictably on the 1st page of SE’s unless the competition is fierce in your region, (like if you’re a restaurant in New York City for example).

Other Key Benefits:

  1. You increase brand recognition and ensure that customers know who you are. If you’ve taken over a new location or offer poetry nights on Thursdays at your bowling alley, more potential customers will know. You’ll draw more of your target demographic by posting pertinent information on both your online listing and in your store window.
  2. Customers will appreciate your transparency. You’re a real business, with a real location. This builds trust. So many businesses on the web exist solely on the web. It takes a lot of marketing to build trust without a physical location.
  3. Many local people are looking for local businesses to patronize. Many people would still rather drive a few minutes to a store and shop for something physically than buy it online.
  4. Tourists will know what to expect. If they need to buy clothes or grab a bite to eat, they can read reviews, see your location and have an idea of pricing just from your local listing.
  5. As the Millennials and Generation Z become part of the workforce, their expectations will become a primary concern for businesses wanting to stay competitive. Younger people simply want to do more online. They want their customer service via social media. Many even want to do everything from their banking to their healthcare management via social media. When they’re looking for something to do or something to buy, they look online first. They want to know everything about your business from places like your online listing, your Facebook page or your Instagram profile to determine if they should buy from you.

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