4 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is a Must in 2017

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Responsive Web Design: No Longer Just an Option

The times they are a-changin’, so the saying goes, and 2017 will see a fresh wave of innovation in web design and development across the board to meet the demands of the changing times. This year’s design trends require increasingly more responsive websites, as the old way of creating websites will no longer be able to support the experience that users expect. So here they are: 4 reasons you need a responsive web design this year.

It Brings Content to the Forefront

Quality content is as important as it ever was, and a responsive website will help make your content the focal point. User-generated content is valuable too, but you don’t want the conversation your content stimulates to slow down your site. Professional design can keep the conversation flowing.

It Supports Visual Elements

Content doesn’t have to be written. Images, infographics, and videos are all essential components of a website that drives traffic and ultimately increases sales. New types of imaging, like scalable vector graphics (SVGs), allow you to keep up speed and responsiveness while still enabling the use of images and animation to speak to your visitors.

It Allows Compatibility with More Devices

There are so many different types of devices out there that it has become a job in itself to re-format a website to fit various devices. Emerging technology can allow you to create a sort of smart website, one that adjusts itself to be compatible with any device. Now that’s responsive.

It Emphasizes the User Experience

It’s not just about getting your information out there anymore; your website is a two-way street. It’s a platform for engaging and connecting with your consumers, and an opportunity to give them a virtual experience. If you want visitors to your site to be happy with their experience, they have to feel like your website is working with them rather than against them.

A responsive website is crucial for your business this year if you plan to stay relevant. Contact us at Premier Business Advantage to get started on your business’ website.

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