Why Responsive Web Design is a Must in 2018

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In what seemed like the not-so-distant past, anyone who was searching for a business, product, or service online was doing so on their desktop or laptop. However, with the sudden rise of smartphone technology, more and more users are performing searches via mobile or tablet. Currently, consumers are spending roughly 51% of their digital media time on a mobile device and only 42% on desktop. How do you ensure you are giving those customers who find you in search a satisfactory experience? The answer is simple: Make sure you have a responsive web design.

You may believe your customers are covered if you have previously created what is referred to as a “mobile friendly website.” Unfortunately, according to Forbes, these sites are prone to glitches and customers usually have more difficulty navigating these sites on the higher resolution devices used today. Instead, a responsive web degisn is simply your single website being created in a way that, whatever size screen it is viewed on – be it tablet, phone, or desktop – will provide the same experience overall for your customers resulting in greater user satisfaction. The design of your website is important, as if it does not load properly, it could result in lost customers who are frustrated and move to find what they are looking for elsewhere.

Not only will users appreciate the simple navigation, a responsive design will also help to improve your SEO performance. If you have been working to get your business to show up high in the rankings on search engine results pages, it is important to note that Google recommends utilizing a responsive design in order to provide the best user experience.

Having a responsive design can also help to save money and time in the long run. Since your website is built in one platform, the initial setup is quick and any maintenance routinely performed will apply across the site regardless of the platform it appears on. There’s no going back and forth to make sure your separate websites match, and you can get back to the important things in your business.

If you are ready for a responsive web design, or need help designing a new page completely for your business, contact us today.

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