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Your cash register on an iPad. Your business on another level.

Easy to setup, easy-to-use. ShopKeep’s system works exactly the way you need it to.

Maximize your profits with data

ShopKeep gives you clear, detailed data and real time reports that you can access from desktop or even your smartphone.

Save hours on your inventory

Whatever you sell, ShopKeep’s automated inventory management tools will save you hours, and avoid any errors.

Add an all-star POS system to your team

23,000 businesses like yours use ShopKeep’s simple, powerful register. Ready to write your own success story?

The Modern Bar POS System

ShopKeep’s fast, reliable iPad POS system allows your bar to boost productivity, and profit margins, dramatically.

Increase sales per hour

ShopKeep’s rapid bar POS is designed to keep bartenders and servers in the zone. Open, update, and transfer tabs in no time flat, on ShopKeep’s intuitive iPad system.

Grow your profit margins

While your team is working hard serving customers, ShopKeep’s bar POS tracks the detailed data you need to grow your profit margins. Run a lean, profitable operation!

Enjoy a reliable system

Your bar POS system shouldn’t be a running joke, like it often is. With ShopKeep, you can continue to make sales even if the internet drops. Never miss out on a dollar.

Save yourself hours

ShopKeep is the brainchild of a small business owner like you. From opening up to closing out, it simplifies chores like inventory, managing your team, and much more.

The Boutique POS System for a Flourishing Business

ShopKeep iPad POS gives your boutique the tools and analytics it needs to survive, and thrive.

Speed through your workday

ShopKeep iPad POS gives you back precious hours: with rapid transactions, an easy-to-use register, staff management, accounting tools, and more.

Curate the most profitable store

Know the specific items and departments that make your boutique the most money. Use in-depth data to make all the correct business decisions.

Turn customers into regulars…

ShopKeep’s boutique POS helps you bring customers back. Capture emails at payment, know your top customers, and offer profit-propelling gift cards.

… then create a buzzing business

Use ShopKeep’s integrated marketing tools to keep in touch with your flourishing email list, promote special offers and events, and reward top-spenders.

Coffee Shop POS System that Levels the Playing Field

Competition is fierce. ShopKeep POS allows your coffee shop or cafe to perform more efficiently than ever before.

Make more sales per hour

Most people get their coffee fix before 11am. When they come in, you’ll be ready. ShopKeep’s coffee shop POS is lightning quick, and simple to use. Transform long lines into cash.

Create a lucrative inventory

Track everything you use and sell, down to the last bean on your cafe POS. Create the most appealing, profitable menu by knowing exactly what’s making you money, and cutting what isn’t.

Manage your business on the go

Inventory is just the start. ShopKeep’s real-time analytics and reporting are even accessible on your mobile. Wherever you are, you can see exactly how your coffee shop, and staff, are doing.

Bring new customers in

‘Under the radar’ isn’t cool. ShopKeep POS for coffee shops and cafes has the tools to market your business. Capture customer emails when they pay, then use MailChimp to keep in touch.

The Deli POS

Keep lines moving. Customize orders easily. Stay on top of inventory.

Delis require a point of sale system that promotes fast order entry for a limitless number of custom requests. ShopKeep is the perfect software solution to keep lines moving with an intuitive interface designed for maximum efficiency. ShopKeep also offers robust inventory tracking, giving you full insight into supply levels for everything from raw food ingredients to pre-packaged goods. Training your employees takes just minutes, and with real-time reporting you can access up-to-the-minute sales data from anywhere at any time.

Ring Up Sales

  • Train managers and cashiers in minutes
  • Streamline your checkout process to keep lines moving
  • Customize your button layout and change prices effortlessly
  • Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and add-ons
  • Print customized notes to the kitchen printer
  • Capture customer information for email marketing around promotions and events
  • Process transactions even when you’re offline, meaning you never miss a sale

Manage Your Business

  • Understand your profit margins and more with a wide array of reports
  • Manage food inventories down to the ingredient level
  • Track hard good quantities for items like bottles of soda and bags of chips
  • View inventory levels remotely, perfect when you’re shopping at a supplier
  • Use our Reorder Report and order triggers to ensure you’re never out of stock
  • Track the hours your employees work with time clock functionality
  • View sales by hour to align staffing with demand
  • Monitor real-time sales from your smartphone

The Perfect POS for your Retail Business

ShopKeep’s easy-to-use iPad POS gives your business all the tools and data it needs to thrive.

Automate your Inventory

ShopKeep iPad POS tracks your distinctive inventory for you, keeps you on top of your stock, and saves you hours counting your fingers and thumbs.

Speed through Transactions

ShopKeep’s customizable POS system allows you to go through customer transactions faster than ever, and even works if the internet decides to drop

Eye-opening Analytics

With ShopKeep’s detailed analytics, you can keep growing your unique store’s profit margins by knowing which items are making you the most money.

Never miss a beat

When you need to duck out, or- perish the thought- take a day off, you can keep track of your individual business’ sales from your desktop or smartphone.

A POS System for the Wine Lover

ShopKeep iPad POS for wineries and wine stores gives your business all the tools it needs to be profitable, while freeing up precious hours every week.

No stress Inventory

Track your wine inventory automatically and precisely on ShopKeep’s easy-to-use iPad register, freeing up hours each week. Glass of wine to celebrate?

Eye-opening Analytics

Know the vintages that are driving your wine shop’s profits. ShopKeep provides you with insightful reports so you can continuously improve your sales.

Your Tailor-made POS

Customize your business’ POS, and lay your screen out exactly how you want to for rapid, smooth transactions. More dollars per hour, happier customers.

Automate the chores

It’s not just your wine; you need time to breathe too. ShopKeep automates time-consuming chores, like accounting, staff management, and more, for you.

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