Six Reasons You Need Your Website Updated

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When Was The Last Time You Had Your Website Updated?

Your online presence is your first impression to clients. Long gone are the days of walking into a storefront or calling a company without first checking them out online. Even if it’s just looking up your phone number, people first meet you by your online presence. So reward your target audience with an intriguing, professional online storefront that truly represents the quality service and products you offer by giving them a current, updated and easy to use website.

It is hard to imagine any business that does not have a website, but is your website updated to reflect current design trends, SEO best practices, and functionality? Chances are if your business is several years old and you have not touched your website since the day you launched it- the answer will be no. But age is not the only factor in determining if you need your website updated. Here are six more indicators your site is in need of an upgrade.

Mobile Compatible

With the production of fast, smart and high-resolution smartphones and tablets, surfing the web is no longer a desktop phenomenon. Having a mobile compatible site means your content, graphics, and pictures will automatically flex to the screen size of the user. Responsive page design and layout will make navigation easier on smaller screens. Consumers do not want to hunt through a lot of text and small, hard to hit buttons to find information. This is why having an adjustable, smaller scale website is crucial.

Current Content

This might seem like a no-brainer but it is worth asking- when was the last time your website was updated? Not just updating the new award your company won for outstanding customer service, but pictures, blogs, event calendars. Do you still have events from 2014 showing up on your calendar list? What about the employee page? How about blog posts or picture catalogs? Use an archive feature if you wish to keep these older items accessible. This will allow you to keep the main content of your website as up-to-date as possible.

Service and Product Content

Along with keeping your content clean and current, you want to make sure your products and services reflect your most current offerings. Make sure the content on your product and services pages reflect the full selection of what you are offering. Consider adding a place on the front page to highlight different services to keep the landing page looking fresh.

Photos: Real vs. Stock

When starting a website at the birth of your business, you may need to resort to stock photos. Once you are established, however, replace those generic photos with real photos that capture your company’s personality, professionalism, and style. Give clients a look at the company, the real one, not the one created by fake photographs of your generic crowd around a boardroom table. Websites are now the new windows we use to window-shop so give your audience something real to look at.

SEO and Keyword Marketing

SEO and Keyword best practices are constantly changing. If your site has seen it’s fair share of birthdays it might be time to have for website updated. Older websites are often lacking the new techniques that search engine updates now require. And if any of your services and products have changed, you will need to liven up your content with new keywords.


Consumers are smart and resourceful when it comes to doing research on a new company, business, or product. Not only are they looking at the website and reviews, but often seeking out your social media accounts, including blogs, to find information. So making sure your social media is easy to find and link to is important for new clients as well as engaging the current ones.

Consumers only spend two-four seconds on a page and if they cannot easily and quickly find what they are looking for the will be gone. Updating your website might seem overwhelming, but that is what professionals like us at Premier Business Advantage are for, contact us today to find out how we can get your website updated.

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