Time for Your Small Business to Accept Credit Cards

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The decision of a small business to accept credit card payments is easier today than ever before. Gone are the days when carrying cash was the norm. These days, customers carry a credit card or even use an app on their mobile phone to pay. Technology has changed the way small companies conduct their business. On top of that, convenience has become a part of the product a business sells.

Your Customers Will Thank You

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than finding something and realizing they can’t pay for it. Without cash on hand, many customers return products to the shelf. It is easier than canvassing the neighborhood for an ATM, especially if it means an ATM fee. Even those customers who do have money in their pocket will purchase additional items if they know that they have more funds available on their credit card. Add-on sales and impulse buys become easier to sell when the customer isn’t limited to the cash in their pocket. Luckily, when you add the credit card payment option, you tap into sales that can be lost in a cash-only business, and you glean add-on sales from committed customers. This added convenience for your customers means that your initial investment in credit card processing pays for itself and gives you the potential to greatly increase your sales.

Ask a Professional About Credit Card Processing

We understand that every penny counts when running a small business, so operating costs must be considered carefully. Fortunately, the price of hardware and software for credit card processing continues to fall. This is due to technology becoming more advanced and readily available. With the help of credit card processors such as Premier Business Advantage, you can analyze your income and business to find the ideal credit card payment system for your business from POS (point-of-sale) systems to contactless terminals and hosted gateways. A thorough analysis from our professionals ensures that you pay only for what your company needs. Research your options with Premier Business Advantage and find the best credit card technology to help you grow!

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