Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Presence

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Social media platforms are the largest marketing platforms for businesses today. While most businesses have embraced the importance of social media presence for businesses, there are still a few stragglers unsure of how or blatantly refusing to embrace the digital age. If your business has not made the move to social media, there are three losses to expect for your business.

Losing Your Customers

With millennials growing as the major customer market, it is essential for all businesses to know their buying habits. 33% of millennials prefer businesses with Facebook or other social media platform pages. This customer base is habitually known for referencing social media platforms prior to purchasing products or services. If you are not utilizing social media platforms, your business is suffering a huge loss in potential customers.

Missing Major Markets

Millennials are not the only customers found online. Over 2 billion people have some form of social media account worldwide. This number indicates that members of all generations are utilizing social media. Also, your customer base can be extended nationally or globally because of social media activity. The potential gain for your business is infinite with social media presence.

Loss of Brand Loyalty & Recognition

Because so many customers base their influence on social media presence, your business’ brand could suffer a loss of brand loyalty. Loyal customers over time will utilize their social media outlets to influence their purchases and may be presented with a competitor with a higher brand recognition. While your business may have been first in its industry, competitors utilizing social media platforms can quickly gain ground and gain your former recognition as well as your customer base.

Get Networking on Social Media

Premier Business Advantage can get your business the social media presence necessary to stay competitive in today’s market. Contact us here for more information and let us begin working for you, today.

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