Social Media Strategy and Its Importance for Your Business

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Today’s marketing professionals exist in a changing landscape. Social media has become an increasingly critical facet of marketing and developing your business: interacting with customers, building relationships, and discovering customers’ genuine needs and pain points. Your social media strategy can help advance your business in a number of key ways.

  1. Social media offers more opportunities to connect with your customers. That means more chances to acquire new leads and increased odds of conversions. While it’s important to attain balance in your posting schedule (posting too frequently can frustrate interested customers, who may stop paying attention to your posts), you should consider each post a fresh marketing opportunity that will allow you to connect with your target buyers.
  2. Your social media presence helps increase brand recognition. The more recognizable your brand, the better the odds that interested customers will choose your business when the time comes to make a choice about a purchase. In general, customers prefer recognized brands to the ones that they don’t know, even if the unfamiliar brand offers better features or pricing.
  3. Social media allows for highly targeted marketing posts. Rather than casting a wide net with your advertisements and simply hoping that you will be able to connect with interested customers, social media marketing allows you to narrow your posting targets so that you’re sending your advertisements to the types of customers who specifically meet your buyer personas.
  4. More people than ever are using social media. By 2017, 81% of Americans had a social media profile. This offers an incredible opportunity to connect with a wide range of customers in a place where they already are.

A good social media strategy is a marketing opportunity that your business can’t afford to miss. Not only are your competitors already there, taking advantage of the key benefits of social media marketing to grow their customer base, it’s where your customers are. If you’re ready to improve your social media strategy and increase your odds of success, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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