Ways to Increase Online Visitors’ Session Time

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Session time is one of the most important predictors when you’re gauging lead strength. Here are five ways to increase session time that will boost customer loyalty and purchasing.

Increase Good Content

Bad content chases online visitors away. No matter how SEO-friendly or white hat your content tactics are, viewers aren’t going to stick around for mediocre or outright bad content. If you don’t have time to make good content, outsource it. The more time shoppers spend on your site, the more likely they are to trust you, buy from you, and routinely return to your site.

Recommendations and Uninterruptible Transitions

Good content keeps a reader or video viewer on the page. But your job is also to get them to click deeper into your site. Do this with good CTAs, frequent (but not annoying or popping) recommendations, and auto starting the next video or article so visitors can stream and scroll.

Fast Loading Sites and Well-Placed PWA Caches

You don’t have to be a technical web developer to know that slow load times chase shoppers away. Optimize your site with a good service that can speed up loading times and prioritize content. Also, look into shifting your website into a PWA. These website-native app hybrids can cache content based on a readers’ previous interests, the article that’s currently pulled up, or what searchers navigate to most on your site.

Easy Site Navigation

Almost every mobile site contains the same organizational elements: a three-bar menu graphic at the top, contact information at the bottom, and lots of similar “About Us,” “Our Hours,” or “FAQ” pages. That’s because they know shoppers don’t want to waste time navigating. So stick to a standard organization scheme and put all your creativity toward engaging content and good services.

Increase New Things to Look at

The most valuable customers are returning customers. Not only do return customers tend to buy more, but you also have to spend less money persuading them to do it. But if your site always has the same content, you won’t become part of their routine. Keep generating value by generating new things for visitors to look at and do.

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