Does Your Website Have an SEO Friendly Blog?

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If your website doesn’t have a blog written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, you’re missing a huge opportunity. SEO is a paradigm for web design that considers how search engines like Google rank their results, and seeks to gain the best possible ranking for all searches related to the site’s content. Alongside social media pages, blogging oriented towards SEO is a major facet of inbound marketing, a new frontier of marketing that seeks to win over customers as they research potential purchases online, rather than by paying for advertising. With an SEO friendly blog, your business can greatly improve its online presence.

Blogging is important because it educates consumers about your products or services while establishing trust by communicating directly to visitors. An SEO friendly blog can also increase traffic to your site overall, especially if the site uses proper SEO techniques. Strategies for SEO include using keywords relevant to your work, using proper keyword placement, including headings and meta descriptions, and adding links to other pages on your site.

Premier Business Advantage offers blogging services that let you focus on your business, while we handle the blogging. We’re based in St. Louis, Missouri, and have years of experience in both marketing and web design. We’re knowledgeable and passionate about SEO, and we can help any business find the right keywords and links to steer visitors towards its site. We can also incorporate your blog into your social media pages, which both further improves SEO and provides a more complete inbound marketing campaign. Contact us to learn more about how our digital marketing services can help your business.

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